SDP State of the Clan [October 2, 2010]

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SDP State of the Clan [October 2, 2010]

Post  Manneh on Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:30 am

At the beginning of every month we will be releasing the State of the Clan.

The topic for this thread is basically, how we are progressing as a clan, goals, past, etc.

Background on the clan: Basically what happened was, I had been planning to make the clan my old clan was starting to fall apart. If it did that is, then I suddenly got tired of the clan structures and quit the clan and scrapped the idea of a new clan and gave the forum to someone else. A week later, I felt that I had some good friends in the old clan and decided to leave due to inactivity and so I was making random clans and Grimm, who started the idea kept saying, "dance party." then I thought of something GreyStone said, "smexeh" and so came SDP, a clan idea that evolved totally from something serious to a clan for fun and dicking around.

I would like to point out that Saturday, October 23, 2010 will be the day where this clan has been tenure for 100 days. As a celebration, there will be events to win prizes. We hope to see you online at that day and participate. We would also like to say thank you in advance to the people who will be in the clan from now to the 250th day. And also, from now or then to the 365th day where there will be cash winning prizes. We are currently in our 79th day as of October 2nd. We all hope to see you then.

On behalf of the admins, we would like to thank 4 people. Tech-Nine, dcb1234, Awycu, and Chris2772.

We would like to thank Tech-Nine and dcb1234 for gifting the clan a clan emblem, it is highly appreciated.

We would like to thank Chris2772, who bought the vent server a long time ago, but let us use the server for our purposes. A very huge thank you to Chris, and as some of you may know he loses the server in November. Other means to communicate will be GSC or an abandoned vent server.

We would like to thank Awycu, for being our first forum moderator. Who has done an amazing job since appointed near the start of the clan.

Notable thanks to:

The people with EM in the clan: iColonello, ---Played---, FireNation. Thank you for hosting games for the clan.

The other moderators and administrators: David and StoryGuide. David has done an exceptional job as a moderator and we understand that Storyguide has not been on in awhile but we thank him.

And all of those people who have been with us since July: Grimm, Suppa, Xyency, Tech-Nine, XAfterlifex, Shorven, and AwesomePinoy.

Big thank you to ---Played--- for a 90-day name clan colour.

Also for everyone who has contributed to the clan thank you.

Our goals for the clan is to last 365 days and stay strong, currently we have 59 members and I'm glad that 50 of which have been loyal to the clan as of far.

As for clan warring, we look to start clan warring like we used to in December as we did in the summer. Please note, we may clan war on weekends but you will always need an ingame admin to clan war. Thank you for your patience.

As previously stated, the vent server expires in November. We may move to GSC or find an abandoned vent server.

Also, you can see that the application forum is now locked. For the past week, our clan has been a come and go. We like loyal members, so for now we will not be accepting until November 1st. Also, after every month we clean out the application box and move them to administrative forum.

This October, will be quite fun too. We will have Canadian Thanksgiving Events as well as a one-week build up to Halloween. Stay tuned.

Thank you.


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